Physiotherapy for ankle: Easy to cure

 Ankle joint we use more than another joint in our body. Full body load falls on the ankle and so it should be remembered that taking care of the ankle is so much important. Physiotherapy for ankle joint is very helpful for acute or chronic cases of injured ankle.

For future life, walking and carrying body weight perfectly it is very necessary to take care of this. Sometimes the ankle pain is related to the back pain, so always remember that and take care also be needed there. Of course, check that, why occur this?

Here’s a prescription for the disorder of a patient in his ankle and back, by a physiotherapist:

  • Patient name : Mahedi Hassan
  • Age of the patient: 24 years
  • Marital status: Unmarried

Chief complain:

  • Too much walking may cause leg pain.
  • If a short rest is taken then the pain becomes worse.
  • There is a lot of pain in the upper part of the leg.
  • Again, it hurts in the back of the leg.
  • There is a pain in the ankle.
  • And sitting in the chair hurts on the right side of the waist.
  • This waist pain makes it difficult to stay seated.
  • There is so much pain.
  • Can’t tolerate foot pain.
  • After walking for some time while walking again, it is a great pain that I cannot walk anymore.

Discussion between physiotherapist and patient

Physiotherapist: When does foot pain increase?

Patient: When I walked only.

Physiotherapist: When does waist pain increase?

Patient: Only when sitting in a chair increases.

Physiotherapist: When pain reduces?

Patient: After resting for one and a half days, the pain subsides.

Physiotherapist: Do you want to decrease the pain now?

  • And the pain won’t come back easily.
  • Then you have to be careful.
  • As such you can do some exercise regularly.
  • But before that, you have to keep in mind that.
  • How much water do you drink daily?
  • Is your drinking water sufficient?
  • However, if the quantity of water is not enough, there is no possibility to get the benefit of doing that.
  • So first decide if you can drink water properly. Then I’ll tell you about the exercises.

Patient: I hope I can.

Physiotherapist: Now you listen, when do you go to sleep at night?

Patient: Night is two-three a.m.

Physiotherapist: Then you must take in 1 liter of water per hour from midnight.

If you are awake until 2.00 a.m., then need to take two liters of water at night.

Even if you are awake till three a.m., it was three o’clock in the night. You must drink 3 liters of water at night. Moreover, your treatment will be difficult.

The story of a doctor’s life

A professor level doctor for a long time with severe pain in one leg. There are as many doctors as his friends, he is showing it to all such doctors. After showing it, he noticed that. They advise him on pain medication. Within 24 hours after taking the drugs, the pain started again. But currently, with physiotherapy treatment, he has benefited greatly and his pain has decreased very quickly. So, he still has regular physiotherapy treatment.

physiotherapy for ankle

Physiotherapy treatment for a patient who suffers from both ankle and low back pain:


  • The range of motion exercises for stiff joints
  • Release the tight muscle specifically
  • Strengthening the internal structure on the lower limb
  • Check the myotome condition
  • Treatment perform by using Maitland mobilization.
  • Spinal mobilization performs transversely
  • Back muscle strengthening by using horse rider gym instrument
  • Hip flexion with a single leg and double leg flexion
  • Perform MET (muscle energy technique).
  • Manipulation of ankle joint
  • Cryotherapy is more important here to relieve pain easily
  • Reduce pain using electro-therapy equipment. Such as – ultrasound therapy machine, microwave diathermy, hidow TENS machine etc.


Everyone should not follow this instruction without any doctor’s consultancy. But it will be helpful for patients who suffer like the above patient. So, I tell themselves, who suffer from this type of disease, they can apply some easy technique from here. Maybe it will have a helpful effect on his or her life.


I hope that all of the people who read this topic will gain a healthy life.

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Last updated 4/4/2020

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