Physiotherapy Exercise for Knee Pain

Knee pain is a simple pain.Now I want to tell you about physiotherapy exercise for knee pain. But several people can suffer more from this pain because he or she doesn't know how to easily solve this problem with a cure within a short period of time.
Without any doctor or any physiotherapist or without any kind of high cost. By using only some manual technique and some components which can be found in your home.
Easy isometric strengthening of thigh muscles and the muscles of the gluteal region (buttock) for strengthening at first and increase your confidence about this part of the body.
Check the function of muscle by moving joint in full range of motion. If you feel tightness maybe some muscles are suffering from spasm.


You can perform some physical examinations, follow this:

Test one:
If you feel tight when folding the leg to the inside of your feet. Then you can apprehend that the quadriceps muscle is tight.
After that, test two:
Check by moving your leg from inside to outside and if you feel tightness when straightening the knee joint you should understand that the hamstring muscle is tight. Thus, you can perform a physical examination of both anterior and posterior groups of the muscle of the thigh.
[Note: The hamstring muscle is situated on the posterior side of the thigh and the quadriceps muscle is situated on the anterior side of the thigh. And both are not only two muscles. They are made of several muscles. But act as a single.]
After the physical examinations, you can find which muscles are affected by spasm, and you can start treatment on your own hand on your residence individually or with the help of the nearest people.

You can perform stretching type of physiotherapy exercise:

Process of stretching of quadriceps muscle: Lie in the bed when belly touch in the bed. Now folding the knee joint. Now keep one pillow below the knee. Now increase the number of pillows, give two or three pillows until you feel highly discomfort on your anterior surface of the thigh.
And hold 15 seconds in this situation with mild discomfort. You can perform this 3-4 times. It is an important knee joint exercise. After this, the use of the ice pack is very helpful. Maybe relief pain rapidly.

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Last updated 20/4/2020

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