How to exercise at home

You are very busy. to go to the gymnasium you have not any time. But you feel frustrated about your body fitness. You want to improve your fitness. At this time for you, I write this article, how to exercise at home. I hope it will be helpful for you. Happy reading….You do not need to go to the gymnasium. In your home, you can perform the exercise to gain fitness.

List of care and exercises

You will perform following roles of care and exercise and it will improve yourselves very quickly.

  • muscle strength exercise
  • weight-bearing exercise
  • maintain good posture
  • maintain proper positioning
  • maintain body fluid balance
  • intake adequate nutrition
  • maintain a proper diet plan
  • stretching exercise
  • isometric exercise These types of exercise you can perform and you can maintain the following roles to get body fitness when you stay at home.

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Last updated: 19/4/2020

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