Facial nerve recovery exercises [helpful for you]

Treatment applied by a physiotherapist using facial nerve recovery exercises,

Patient name- Md. Salam

  • When drinking water or gargling, water falls through one side of the mouth
  • Diabetes positive
  • Previous history of mild stroke
  • Can’t blow in the flute
  • Previous history of numbness in the neck region
  • If he wants to close eyes one eye does not close
  • It is difficult to chew food
  • Difficult to spit

Important facial rehabilitation exercises


   1- The four pads of the TENS on the face should be given 12 minutes on the affected side.

   2- Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation exercises need to be done. It will strengthen the weak nerves.

   3- Drink water with juice pipes, it will strengthen the facial muscles.

   4- This is an upper motor neuron lesion, so it will be a little late to cure.

   5- The English letter - (A E I O U) needs to be dragged and said aloud.

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Last updated 20/4/2020

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