Treatment for cervical radiculopathy

Imtiaz Uddin Ahmed, BScImtiaz Uddin Ahmed, BSc, is a health professional. He has been working with pain-related diseases and conditions for the last ten years, and he loves to give treatment without painkillers. Based on his experience with different types of physiotherapy manual techniques. He completed his BSc from Saic College of Medical Science and Technology. … Read more

Treatment for Dyspnea

1.. deep breathing 2.. pursed lip breathing exercises 3.. costal breathing 4.. diaphragmatic breathing 5.. ankle pumping 6.. shoulder mobilization anterior 7.. shoulder mobilization posterior 8.. shoulder flexion with both hand bending 9.. Spirometer exercise or Blowing up a balloon 10.. Active cycle of breathing technique Breathing Control Deep Breathing Exercises or Thoracic Expansion Exercises … Read more