Erb’s palsy

Erb’s palsy

Erb’s Palsy problem list:Decrease sensationDecrease muscle powerDecrease/ poor active range of motionPoor functional actressMinimize/ reduce deformityAlignment of the limb in Erb’s PalsyShoulder adductionMedial rotationWrist flexion………..Treatment of Erb’s PalsyPositioningPrecaution in movementSplint for adult patientFamily educationOther treatments1. De quervain’s tenosynovitis physiotherapy treatment 2. Physiotherapy for frozen shoulder 3. When to Have Back Surgery for Herniated Disc 4. The role of physical therapists in wound … Read more

Physiotherapy for frozen shoulder

physiotherapy for frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a shoulder joint disability characterized by the painful status of joints with a decreased range of motion. It is a self-limiting disease. But physiotherapy for frozen shoulder is very important for these types of patients. If anyone doesn’t get proper treatment, sometimes it will be late to get rid of this condition.The phase … Read more

When to Have Back Surgery for Herniated Disc

When to Have Back Surgery for Herniated Disc

Yes, some of the time it is needed to go to the surgical procedure. But when to have back surgery for herniated disc (PLID)? – After applying physiotherapy and medication plan, if not get rid, can be applied to surgery.In the lumbar region of the spinal vertebrae, the intervertebral disc herniates for any external or … Read more

Physiotherapy for ankle: Easy to cure


 Ankle joint we use more than another joint in our body. Full body load falls on the ankle and so it should be remembered that taking care of the ankle is so much important. Physiotherapy for ankle joint is very helpful for acute or chronic cases of injured ankle.For future life, walking and carrying body … Read more

Facial nerve recovery exercises [helpful for you]

important facial nerve recovery exercises

Treatment applied by a physiotherapist using facial nerve recovery exercises, Patient name- Md. SalamSymptoms:When drinking water or gargling, water falls through one side of the mouthDiabetes positivePrevious history of mild strokeCan’t blow in the flutePrevious history of numbness in the neck regionIf he wants to close eyes one eye does not closeIt is difficult to chew … Read more