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We can not imagine ourselves having a bath without hot water in winter. And that’s why you need to choose the best water heater for your home.

Our team has examined the water heater. Talking about this water heater it has an attractive look. And the design is awesome. Hot water is good for skin in winter because it removes away your germs from the skin. For checking whether the product is good or not we checked out everything that’s essential for a quality water heater.

The water heating system is a warmness switch system that makes the use of energy to convert water to rise up from its normal temperature. The level upped water is used for many daily needs. From cooking to bathing this hot water is used. Such as- cleaning, for throat ache some take hot water to relieve the pain.

Our team was eager to test its purification and heating quality and it’s surprisingly good.

It is designed to get hot water in less amount of time. The product is suitable for any housing space. Since it’s an electric water heater it doesn’t need to consume any fossil fuel.

Specifications of the Water Heater

This water heater that we examined has many features and it is the perfect solution for household hot water needs, bathing, and purified hot for drinking etc.

Some of the features of this water heater are mentioned below:

  • Design

Talking about its design it doesn’t occupy much space. So we can call it space-friendly for the home. The water heater has three different sizes and the amazing thing is that it can be hunged on the wall. Or if anyone needs they can fit it under the sink easily because it has a sleek and attractive design. It also blends seamlessly with the existing decoration when installed in a visible location. Another amazing thing is that it also purifies water.

  • Less time in heating water

It’s irritating waiting for hot water in the shower which is far from the main heating source. For installing hot water lines in each sink is time-consuming and requires a lot of money to arrange. And it also doesn’t help to get only cold water. The best solution is to keep a mini-tank water heater to get hot water where it is needed. This water heater can be used under one sink or can be added to the first source of water heat. In fact the water heater helps to solve three different problems- sink management, no additional hot water lines are needed, and which eventually helps to save time. The other thing is that it also has a line for switching water like if someone needs cold water instead of hot water the water heater can also provide that.

  • Good for less consuming of space

Most water heaters previously needed a lot of space for storing and heating water but now this problem is solved the water heater can he fit anywhere it is needed. If you need it for the kitchen you can fit it in the kitchen, if anyone needs it in the washroom ( most often it is fit in the washrooms) it can also be fit there or even under a sink. Its attractive design helps it to fit anywhere and it wouldn’t look odd.

  • Long-life

Our team had research on its durability and it’s not bad since it is an electric heater its has huge stability. For maximum energy efficiency, a thick CFC-free carbon foam is added.

  • Fulfill the demand of water

Though the tank is small we did research that if it meets up the need we want. And it didn’t disappoint us. Due to its continuously monitored water temperature and controlled flow rates, the efficiency is increased which also consistence performance within 1 degree of the selected temperature. So we can say that it has the ability to fulfill the demand.

  • Save Energy

The water heater runs through electricity so it might consume a lot of energy but no after examining the results are really good. And it saves a lot of energy and we can compare with an energy-saving bulb or it can be called energy-saving water heater.

Detailed Review of the Water Heater

Our team tested the designs, features, and efficiency it needs to give. Under some tests the results are shown below:

  • Water heating Test:

Through this test, we examined that whether the water heater could give the perfect temperature of hot water in a minimum amount of time. We did different types of tests.

Through these tests, we didn’t find any inconvenience of the water heater. The water heater gives the perfect amount of hot water in a minimum amount of time.

  • Dropping Test :

If there’s an earthquake if the water heater can take the resistance of falling on the ground we checked out that after dropping 4-5 times there are some minor damages to the water heater.

  • Water storage test:

Its important to know how how much a water heater could store water. After examining the water heater we found out that it can provide 1.2- 3 gallons per minute depending on the initial temperature of the water.

Worth The Price

Looking at the design we can never select an item and buy it. The water heater had many features like energy saving, less space-consuming, and long durability. The price really worths the material inside it though there were some minor inconveniences. The technology under which the water heater works is really appreciating.


  • The space-consuming of this water heater is less.
  • The product is easy to use.
  • The product is made up of copper and stainless components which made it resistible to earthquakes.
  • Save up to 60% of your water heating cost with the most advanced, self-modulating technology available.


  • The water tank doesn’t have a drain plug.
  • The water heater doesn’t supply a good amount of hot water in minimum time.


Our team has tested many water heaters so far but the design of this water heater will definitely attract customers. The features which it provides is really appreciating. Its a perfect solution for meeting up the need of hot water.

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