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For an ideal washroom, the toilet should be perfect. And the toilet is perfect in its appearance for this the toilet seat works as the crown in the king’s head.

This toilet seat has been made up using the finest technology thus while opening or closing, It doesn’t make any sound. The most common problem with toilet seats are that they are loosened after using them several times. But our team had an observation of the toilet seat by using it roughly and surprising the lid is not loosened.

The normal shape of a toilet seat is round and oval. The toilet seat is available in various colors. The toilet seat is bought depending on the toilet color.  Usually, the color which everyone selects is white.

The seats are made with plastic materials and made for soft added comfort. The fashionable design attracted us. The price varies with the quality and design.

Only design and attractive look can not be the base for selecting a toilet seat. The main thing that should be considered is if it fits the toilet or not. There are different sizes available for the toilet seat. The toilet seat’s main function is to protect you from the bowl while defecating or from urine while urinating.

Specification of the toilet seat

Examing the product our team found some features. Though toilet seat is a very common thing, many things depend on this toilet seat. Like- if the toilet seat is too hard and the design made is not comfortable to use it can cause waist pain.

Some of its features are shown below:

    • Noiseless:

Sometimes while opening or closing the lid of the toilet seat it makes a sound that is very irritating. Our team examined this toilet seat but the closes without slamming.

    • Cleans easily:

After installing the toilet seat after using it for a month it needs to be cleaned to not spreading odor around. It is difficult to remove the toilet seat after a month that’s why the toilet seat is made for easy removal and fix. So it doesn’t create any problem while cleaning the toilet seat.

    • Easy Installation:

Many toilet seats need mechanics to fix it to the toilet but you can easily install it in your toilet yourself. And it’s quite easy.

    • Options for bowl:

Depending on the shape the toilet seat differs into two varieties. These are 1) Elongated shaped  2) Round shaped

Elongated shaped >> There is a crevice underside of the bowl which helps in getting a cleaning brush inside an elongated shaped toilet seat. Its longer shape also helps in looking at the interior part of the bowl

Round shaped >> If the washroom is small then choosing a round-shaped toilet seat is the best.

Detailed review of the toilet seat

Our team did some tests on this product for checking its quality whether it is good for the customers or not. The tests include durability, water leakage , color stiffness, etc.

The result of the tests are shown below:

    • Durability test:

The toilet seat should be hard enough to carry the weight of a person. So, we tested it by keeping more than 100kgs over it. The result is quite appreciating but after the weight increases to 150, the seat bents. As a result, we can say that the elasticity of the seat is very good.l Due to its elasticity it also feels good and comfortable while seating on it.

    • Water leaking test:

It’s a common problem in every toilet seat. We tested it by installing the seat on a toilet and then let the flash on. We closed the lid to see if the water comes out of the toilet. A little amount of water came out of the toilet. The test didn’t show much satisfaction.

    • Color stiffness test:

This is a very important test because the toilet seat always remains in contact with water. We tested to see if the color riffs off from the seat or not. This test is passed by the product.

    • Cleaning test:

The seat is engineered to remove easily and the texture of the surface is very good. It’s very easy to clean the toilet seat and the easy fixing and removal of the toilet seat amazed us.

    • Sitting test:

Our team tested if it’s comfortable to sit and bowl easily. This seat is easy to grip and contoured for maximum user comfort. It is made up of solid poly-propene and that is why the cachet is resistant to fading, staining, and chipping.

Worth the price

Our team tested the things that a good toilet seat needs to have. A toilet seat functions to protect from what’s inside the bowl. It also keeps you away from germs. The tested product is quite good and comfortable to sit on. Though toilet seats are not that important thing to talk about it functions as a great thing keeping us safe from germs and other unwanted materials while deficating. The design of this toilet sit is very good and comfortable for the users. They are also available in different sizes.

So, the price is really worth it.


    • The lid of the toilet closes slowly and quietly without slamming.
    • The toilet seat is made up of good quality plastic.
    • The design is lucrative.
    • Good fitting.
    • Easy removal and cleaning.
    • Made for comfort.
    • Matching color for plastic hinges.
    • Prevents shifting
    • Add stability for having grip type bumpers



    • Due to the easy removal of the toilet seat, there is a possibility of breaking down of the bars.
    • Rough use may damage the color.
    • Water may be stored under the seat if not cleaned.


After examining a lot of materials, the toilet seat is really good for use. For the subtle and innovative technology, the product is liked by the users and the seat fits most in the elongated designed toilets and its unique feature of having rubber bumpers prevents it from shifting. The irritating noise while closing or opening the lid is removed for the slow-moving lid. All things are really great after examining the features and different tests.

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