17 Best Space Heaters of 2021

If you want to keep any small area of your home heated or keeping it warm then you can use a space heater. It helps to keep the area comfortable with a satisfying warm feeling. Usually, a space heater runs on electricity. Nowadays, technologies are becoming more updated to consume less amount of energy as much as possible.

Power consumption of space heaters is normally higher than other electronic types of equipment. But the space heater which takes less energy and working efficiency are more that one is the best space heater. This space heater has less power consumption with higher working efficiency comparing with other space heaters.

In winter most of the spaces of the room remain cold and which results in shivering. Getting relief from shivering and is also good for the newly born babies otherwise they get cold in the winter.

Usually, there are two types of space heaters. One is with a fan and the other is without a fan. The space heaters which are designed works to spread out heat throughout the whole room. The one without a fan works through a piece of heating equipment and it is also surrounded by water or oil. It takes time to heat the room for this space heater because the liquid inside it needed to be heated first.

Specifications the space heater

The space heater comes out with a lot of unique features. Examining the features, we found out that these features are not provided by most of the space heaters. The feature of this product with description is shown below:

  • Less Power Consumption:

Most of the space heaters consume a lot of energy and this is much costly. But this space heater has the feature to consume less amount of electricity and produce as much as heat as the other space heaters.

  • Ergonomic Design:

The design of this space heater is quite amazing and lucrative. It has a fan attached to it. So it can spread heat to the room area in a short amount of time. There is less risk of fire than those of the space heaters without a fan or which are oil regulated.

  • Spread warmth in less amount of time:

It takes a long time for the space heaters without a fan. At first, the liquid inside those get heated and then spread heat. But this type of space heater takes less amount of time to spread warmth and heat around the home.

  • Heat settings are adjustable:

In winter sometimes there is too much cold and sometimes there is not much cold around the environment. But if the space heater had no option to choose how much heat a person needs then sometimes it might happen that too much heat will burn the skin. Also, a less amount of heat can not give comfort to the person. So there are special features of this space heater. The customer can increase or decrease heat on his will or demand. There are two different heat settings( Low\370W, High\700W}.

  • Safe for the environment:

Using this type of gadget the customer should be cautious about the space heater if too much heat burns the floor carpet or not. So our team tested it on its high voltage heat test though it becomes a little bit hot but not that much heat to burn the carpet.

Detailed review of the space heater

For ensuring that this is a good quality space heater, our team tested a lot of types of equipment. The result of the test is shown below:

  • Heating time test:

Our team tested how much time the space heater needs to heat the environment around it. The lesser time needed to produce heat the good the quality of the space heater. After testing we found out that the space heater doesn’t need much time for heating the environment. It takes less than 15 minutes to heat up.

  • Safe heating test:

If the wire or other parts of the space heater also gets heated then it can be risky for small children at home. So we checked out whether it becomes too much hot or not. It becomes a little hot so it is better to keep a distance from the space heater.

  • Heat coverage area test:

Space heaters normally spread warmth in a small amount of area. Since it is small in size and also portable. In one room of  10 square feet, the heater can easily spread. So you can install one piece per room that will be a good decision.

  • Durability test:

All electric types of equipment are mostly non-water resistant. With the contact of water, the product gets damaged fast. So it is better to keep electric types of equipment away from water. This product spreads heat so it is really sensible to water. Our team tested spreading water to it. It doesn’t work after a day passed. So be really careful about water. And these space heaters are mostly used in the winter.

Worth the price or not

Considering the features that the space heater provides it’s really a considerable price. The space heater has the capability of spreading heat fast and also has a very unique design. And the most amazing feature is that it has an adjustable heat setting, both high and low as per the demand of the customer. There is also a handle that facilitates carrying it from one place to another.


  • Fast heating capability of this space heater helps to spread warmth around the room in a short amount of time.
  • Less power consumption of the space heater saves electricity wastage.
  • It has an inner cooling system for cooling after being turned off.
  • Easily portable.
  • Two different heat settings.


  • The space heater becomes too much heat when turned on.
  • There is no adjustable thermostat.


A space heater is used by the people in winter. Sometimes the unconsciousness of the public creates disaster. If the space heater is used for a long amount of time then it becomes too much heated which ultimately results in fire around the room. So the customer has to keep that in mind and properly use the space heater in need.

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