Best Sensory Toys For Autism

Children with autism should have some sensory toys. These will assist them in acquiring social skills. Also, these toys help them foster interaction and communication. Thus, it is important to choose fascinating presents for developing their mental ability.

For autistic kids, play is not a fun time. To get them familiar with sounds and other senses while playing games is a purpose. That is why it is important to let autistic kids play with sensory toys.

Also, these toys will help them to get the same level as their peers and make them more confident. So, here, in this article, we’ll know about some best sensory toys for kids with autism.

Toys For Autistic kids

There is a wide range of toys available for kids with autism. And get confused by so many is normal.

That’s why we’ve enlisted some of the best toys for autistic kids. They are:

  • Mats with Sensors

A sensory mat is a basic toy for kids with autism. There is a wide range of sensory mats available. Generally, sensory mats have different textures, colors, and materials.

These sensory mats are small in size, which makes them hassle-free for children. You may even tell your kid to close their eyes and ask them how the mats feel like!

  • Slime and putty

Slime and putty are a bit different types of sensory toys. Yet, as these are so bright in colors, it will help to develop their visual senses. Also, it allows children to learn and develop physical skills.

  • Art with pin

This sensory toy is one of the best options for teens and kids with autism. With this toy, you can make imprints of objects with pins (not pointy).

The pins of the artboard have a special sensation. That’s what makes this an excellent toy.

  • Mini Rainmaker Toy

The rainmaker toy can help in relaxing for a kid with autism. This toy has beads inside the box that create magical rainy sounds while circulating.

This rainmaker toy allows a kid to deal with several sensations at the same time.

  • Spinners

A few years back, Fidget spinner becomes a craze among not only children but also adults. But it is a great toy for children with autism and even for other children with attention disorders.

There are so many colors and variations of this toy available. These toys help a toddler concentrate by keeping their hands busy.

  • Dog Pet (Electric)

The electric dog pet helps a kid with autism to be familiar with the different sounds of the surrounding. Struggle in finding sounds is a natural issue for an autistic kid.

But the sounds of surroundings can help in the desensitization of autistic children. Thus, the electrical dog pet can contribute to the hearing process of those kids.

  • Cution with vibrating sensor

Sometimes calming a child with autism can be a tough job. In that case, a vibrating cution can be beneficial. The relaxing sounds and gentle movements of a vibrating pillow calm a child easily.

Also, the vibrating device can enhance the verbal activities of children with autism. Thus, it can contribute to the social engagement of children with such difficulties.

  • Reflective Balls

Every kid with autism has fewer visual senses. These reflective balls could be the right options for them. This toy helps autistic kids to improve their visual senses.

  • Puzzles

Puzzles and Rubik’s cubes can offer a pleasing sensory feeling to autistic children. Puzzle toys can also assist in enhancing their focus.

These toys may help in solving problems, strengthen your memory, increase your attention.

How to choose toys for kids with autism

Choosing a sensory toy for autistic can be difficult. So it is better to choose toys that promote life skills that are always suitable for autistic kids. Before choosing a sensory toy, you should consider the following factors.

  1. Fun and Safety
    Autistic kids need extra care and attention. That’s why their toys should be bright and fun so that they could easily seek their concentration.

Another thing is safety. Some autistic kids tend to chew their toys. Having said that, while buying toys for them, you should care that there is no small or sharp part.

  1. Simple Toys

The presents for autistic children should be quite simple and less difficult. You can make it easy instead of filling a room full of toys.

  1. Talking with the child

You can talk with a kid with autism to know which type of toy they want. So you can give him a toy that engages him and keep him interested.

  1. Expert Opinions

When selecting interesting gifts for a kid with autism is not easy. In that case, you may always consider getting help from professionals. Otherwise, you can take help online.

FAQs on Sensory Toys

  1. What are sensory toys?

Sensory toys are made for children with autism or any other special need. Sensory toys aim to keep children engaged physically or mentally. Also, these toys make them familiar with different senses at a time. For example, sensory toys might have strong colors or generate sounds while playing.

  1. How do sensory toys help autistic kids?

Mainly sensory toys help kids with autism to learn more about the senses in a playful way. Besides, these toys work in calming the child and make sure they focus better. But, this is not a replacement for professional treatment.

  1. What are the benefits of sensory toys?

The primary benefit of sensory toys is they help in social interactions. Besides, it enables children to improve physical skills such as brushing their teeth. It also allows children to grasp information more effortlessly with less stress.


Choosing toys is frequently a difficulty for a kid with autism. Cause the process requires both enjoyment and safety. Also, the toy should have a sensual element.

That is why we’ve enlisted some of the best sensory toys for kids with autism. So when choosing a sensory toy, keep in mind the information mentioned above.

Last updated: 24-07-2021

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