Best Relief Cervical Traction Device Reviews


Neck and back pain has become a very common problem nowadays. Yet, sometimes, bearing this pain is impossible. That’s why experts created a cervical traction device.

The function of these devices is to give you relief from the pain. But, depending on the various types of features, there is a wide range of available options.

So choosing the right one from so many options is quite a difficult task. So, here we bring you the reviews of the best relief cervical traction devices. It will help you whenever you want to buy a neck traction device.

So, let’s get started.

  • Cervical Home Trac Traction Device

The first product on our list is the Cervical Home Trac Traction device with premium quality. This is a mechanical pump that has very little friction.

This traction device can give patients smooth and safe tractive therapy. Besides, this device is likely to deliver up to 50 pounds of the tractive force. Furthermore, users utilize the pressure gauge to regulate the traction power. Thus it provides excellent accuracy during therapy.

With the regular use of this traction, device the patient can reduce the time of visiting a doctor.

Also, another advantage is that it is easy to install and set up. You can restore it in a tiny place and required very little maintenance.

  • Over Door Cervical Traction Kit

The next product on our list is the sturdy and stable over-door cervical traction kit. The primary aim of this product is to give you faster release from the pain.

This traction device is specialized for releasing muscle pain and joint aches. Additionally, this kit features a weight bag that can hold up to 20lbs of water. Also, the kit has a bracket that should be hanged above the door to give support.

It has manual instructions. So you can use the kit to clear your confusion. Also, please consult with your doctor before using it.

  • Cervical Traction Collar Neck Brace

The next traction device on our list is affordable. And you’ll be happy to know the positive reviews of it. Also, it can help you to relieve the pain around the neck and back.

Unlike other cervical devices, you can do other activities while having this treatment. Besides, this kit is filled with more padding and better grip for the user’s comfort.

This collar neck brace is a universal size and has cushioned support. Thus it reduces discomfort from various diseases of the neck and shoulder.

Also, pushing up the occipital bone and shoulder down this brace releases pressure. It takes only a few minutes.

  • Cervical Neck Traction Device

Here we bring you our next device, which is stable and durable. This device is FDA-approved and trustworthy. Also, this device is helpful for other purposes, including neck and shoulder pain.

A major issue with the neck traction device is that you cannot perform other activities. But with this device, you haven’t face such problems. This device does not help reduce muscle stiffness. But also fasten the recovery process if you have any injuries.

It has an ergonomic design to provide optimal posture and excellent alignment. You can handle it and can do other duties without harming yourself.

  • Cervical Traction Collar

The last product on our list is the cervical traction collar. Again, if you give importance to quality the most, then this product is for you. It will serve you with incredible performance and necessary features.

Using this device is very simple. But, of course, you have to place the device around your neck in a comfortable way. Besides, this device comes with manual instructions to clear any confusion.

The device will give you support without hindering the natural bending of the spine. Furthermore, this device comes with an air pressure measurement for the hand pump. That pump gives you an idea of how much surface tension you use.

Buying Guide Of Cervical Traction Device

Before buying a Cervical Traction Device, you should consider the following factors. They are:


Sometimes budget can be the primary factor while buying a neck traction device. But, first, you have to decide whether you want a posture pump or an over-the-door device.

Over-the-door devices are the most affordable ones starts from $35. On the other hand, posture pumps start from $300.


In this case, you need to decide whether you want to see the results now or you have no problem if it requires more time. As we’ve said that posture pumps are costly, but they show results right before using them.

Compared to posture pumps, an over-the-door need regular use to show the results. Also, you have to be patient with it.


Do you want to travel with your neck traction device? If yes then, it will be better to buy a pneumatic cervical traction device.

Cause traveling with the over-the-door device will be a lot more hassling. Also, the extra water bag needs to be cleaned regularly. And you have to be careful while packing other features.


The pneumatic devices need no setup, while the over-the-door devices need some assembly. So it will be up to your preferences which one you want to buy.


Also, you should consider the fact on how you want to use the device. For example, you can use the over-the-door device sitting in a comfortable position.

But, pneumatic traction devices give more options. For example, you can use those devices either sitting up or lying down.

If you can take a doctor’s consultancy before using a cervical traction device. It will be more effective for your health. And you must follow precautions when using this equipment.


Choosing the best cervical traction devices requires a lot of things. And it is a challenging task as it needs various needs at a time.

A traction device might have various features. But you need to buy one depending on your requirements. Here, we’ve reviewed the best cervical traction devices. So when you want to buy such a device, remember the facts we mentioned above.

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