Best Rated Handicap Ramps

Navigating from one place to another is always a challenge for a disabled person. But they get more frustrated when they see there are not enough wheelchair ramps around them.

That’s why portable ramps are the best solution in that case. They are easy to carry. Even you can carry them in the backside of the car while moving.

Having said that, our team was so eager to examine this handicap ramp. After taking some considerations, we can say that this ramp has the right amount of length and width.

The product is capable of taking a good amount of weight. And that result amazed us. Also, carrying this ramp is hassle-free. So again, adding the ramp to your home can come in handy.

Specifications Of the Handicap Ramps

We examine the handicap ramps and found some features. Those features including ramp width, length, and many other things. The quality of the handicap ramps depends on these features.

Some of the following features are:

  • Ramp Length

Deciding the right length of the ramp is necessary. Cause the length will depend on the height of the slope. Also, you need to figure where you want to place the wheelchair ramp. However, the ramp length also depends on how much time you need to get a ramp for your home.

Another thing is that ramp length ensures safety. As a result, 12 inches of ramp length is appropriate for one-inch elevation. Therefore, a small ramp is suitable for few steps. And for multiple or inclined steps, you’ll need the long ramp.

  • Ramp Width

While taking a patient through the ramp, a matter of consideration is that there is any chance of fall or not. That’s why the ramp width has to be broad enough. In that case, there will be no tension of any accidents.

The standard width will be 30 to 31.5. thus it will make transportation a lot simpler and more secure. Besides, some ramp designs divide into two parts. So you can install the ramp on certain transportation services.

  • Construction

when choosing a wheelchair ramp, construction is one of the main factors. So the standard ramp construction must be strong yet lightweight and durable. That’s why most manufacturers used heavy-duty aluminum in ramp construction.

  • Material

A wheelchair ramp can be consists of a different material. That can be wood, steel, or any other material. But whatever the material, you should look for something sturdy and durable.

For that, aluminum is the most suitable option, as we mentioned earlier. Cause then the ramp will be less heavy. Thus, you can carry the ramp inside and out. As a result, there will be no oxidation and rust on the ramp.

Through different experiments, we found that this ramp is made of aluminum. And the material makes it a premium-quality ramp.

  • Slope

In mathematics, the slope is shown as an increase-to-run ratio. For instance, if a ramp has 5 inches in height and 5 inches long, then the slope will be 5:5. So when you choose a ramp, make sure it has a manageable slope.

  • Handles

Handles are not necessary specs on a wheelchair ramp. But it can add an extra level of comfort. While traveling with wheelchair ramp handles can give you ease.

You don’t have to worry about how to handle a ramp. But, again, the handles of a ramp can make your transportation easier.

Detailed Review of the Handicap Ramps

Our team did some tests to know the quality. We’ve found the following results:

  • Portability test

Our team did the test that if the ramp can fold and carry one place to another with ease. The test is quite impressive. Due to its mobility moving the handicap ramp is simple and secure.

  • Weight Capacity test

Testing the weight capacity of the ramp is necessary. Yet, other things need considerations when finding the right weight capacity of the ramp.

For example, you need to calculate the weight of the user and the equipment. Also, if someone is carrying a disabled person, then his weight needs consideration.

We’ve found through the test that if the weight exceeds too much, it may damage. So though the damage is not much, it will be better to take precautions.

  • Non-skid Technology test

We tested whether the ramp uses the anti-skid technology or not. Cause non-skid technology ensures that the ramp doesn’t slide and has enough stability. If a ramp uses this technology on the backside, it will ensure that it is sturdy enough to carry a person.

As a result, the ramp used this technology. And through the test, the result is quite visible.

  • Protection test

A good wheelchair ramp has strong material and sturdy edges. Cause these reduce the chance of accidents and other risks. That’s why we did protection tets on the ramp.

  • Installation test

Not every ramp comes with a complicated installation. However, the easy installation and removal of this ramp amazed us. So if you want to remove or replace the ramp, then a ramp with easy installation will come in handy.

Worth the Price

You cannot select a product simply by looking at it. You have to consider the material, durability, and other things before buying. Then, after talking about all the facts, we can say that the product’s price is worth it.

Another fact is that the product has non-skid technology. Therefore, except for some minor inconvenience, the price is appropriate for the product.


  • Compact
  • Appropriate for indoors and outdoors
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • A blend of sturdiness and significant mobility
  • Flexible and easy to store


  • Sometimes operating a ramp can be tricky
  • Although a ramp should be less heavy, sometimes lifting it for older people can be difficult
  • A low-quality wheelchair ramp can cause accidents or injuries


The features and other considerations of this product attract the customer mostly. Compared to other products, we can say that certain specifications of this ramp are impressive.

That’s why it can be considered as one of the best ramps for home. Also, the subtle technology has made it more incredible for users. This makes it an appropriate solution for wheelchair users.

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