The Best Mattresses of 2024

Green Tea Memory Foam

It is the best price memory foam mattress. This foam can release the pressure of the

bodies. When you lay down in this foam, you will feel like you are floating on the cloud. It featured ventilation. It can react to the temperature of your body. At normal temperature when you lay it a remaining farm. But next to the raised temperature it can change the shape for adjusting with you. It will mold like your body shape. Your body weight will be distributed evenly to the surface of the mattress. It will take you to deep sleep without any obstacle or any kind of complication. It ensures comfortable sleep at the night.

LUCID 10 Inch 2020 Gel Memory Foam

Lucid gel memory foam is a high quality mattress. It creates sound sleep for any person. This is very nice to see. In your room set up easily. It regulates your body temperature and increases your blood circulation. It maintains the best sleeping position. Are you a side sleeper or back sleeper or stomach sleeper? No tension Lucid gel memory foam is the best mattress for you. Don’t worry about your position when you are in lying. But side sleeping is the best position. The mattress of comfortable size, here we choose for you. It ensures high safety and comfort for bodies muscular system. The skeletal muscle of your body will adjust with the memory foam of this mattress. That helps to relieve muscle pain. It is a 10-inch medium size mattress. Which also releases bodies pressure point.


Novilla Queen Size Mattress

It is a mattress for cool sleeping made with four layers. The style of this mattress is 12 inches and the size name is Queen. Highly comfortable with its gel layer of memory foam. The brand name is Novilla. The discripti8on of the firmness of this item is medium. The weight of this foam is 31.75 Pounds.


Best Mattress for side sleepers with Lower Back Pain

A bed without a good mattress is full of pain. Without a mattress, a bed will never be comfortable. A mattress is a large flat, cotton-based object which makes the bed comfortable. Sleeping without a mattress causes pain in the back.

A good mattress is neededto ensure good health. There are a lot of factors that are responsible for back pain but a qualified mattress is proven to make a very nice difference and if you choose the incorrect mattress for you, you may have back pain. So to lower your back pain this mattress is perfect.

Speaking about this mattress there are a lot of advantages and facilities this mattress will provide you. It is specially designed for lowering your back pain. This mattress composes all the refreshing comfort of a green tea mattress with the added temperature.

This mattress reduces the pressure points on your body. And it gives you a great night’s sleep. If any mattress doesn’t give you the right support of your body by giving poor sleeping posture. Then it is the wrong choice for you. If the mattress you choose doesn’t meet personal pleasures then the comfort is compromised, resulting in uncomfortable sleep that can leave a person tired and feeling uneasy in the morning. This mattress has a lot of unique features which are specially designed for lowering your back pain.

Specification of the mattress

While observing this mattress our team found out many features of this mattress which are very helpful for the customers. Few features of the mattress are shown below with a description:

  • Three firmness levels in one mattress for different feelings:

This mattress is flippable and designed with three firm feelings from firm to soft in one feeling. There is a gel memory foam for those who like sleeping with a medium and soft-firm feeling. Also at the bottom side, there is a high-density foam which is great for those who like a firm feeling while sleeping.

  • Ergonomic design to relieve back and shoulder pain:

The mattress is designed by curved foam construction to comfort your body shape for incredible targeted support, which helps you wake up in the morning freshly without any pain or aches.

  • Innovative design:

The design of this mattress is very unique and attractive. There is a ventilation system that helps to optimize airflow, release body heat, and helps keep your body cool.

  • Relieve Pressure:

The foam covered with the mattress helps you to release pressure from your pressure points and helps in relaxing your body. This feature is really great for a mattress.

  • Certified foam:

Not only the features like innovative design the foam used in the mattress are also tested in a laboratory for checking its quality. This ensures the customers with clean foam.

Detailed review of the mattress

Before making sure that the mattress is of good quality our team did some tests. A good quality mattress has some features. The result of some tests are shown below:

  • Foam quality test:

Mattress quality depends on its foam. There are new innovations in foam formulas. If you have a good quality of foam in your mattress then it helps a lot to lower your back pain. Especially for elder persons, it is necessary to get a good quality mattress. The foam of this mattress is really good and comfortable to sleep in.

  • Ventilated airflow test:

Our team also checked the features of this mattress to see if it works properly or not. The airflow is perfect due to the ventilated system. The ventilation in the bed keeps the humidity around 50% which results in an extremely comfortable bed that remains free from moisture, mold, dust particles, and bacteria.

  • Temperature adaptive test:

The temperature adaptation capability in a mattress can help you sleep at a more comfortable temperature at night; it depends on the cooling features used. If anyone has a condition like night sweats, this feature is very suitable for his\her.

There were many other small tests that we have performed and the results of the tests are really appreciating. The mattress has a lot of advantages for aged people because the risk of having back pain in older people is higher than in young people.

 Worth the price or not

Our team examined the unique features of this mattress which is really great. There is also a special ventilation design that helps to increase airflow and reduce trapped body heat while the memory reduces motion transfer between sleeping partners for a better sleeping experience. Moreover, this mattress is specially designed to lower your back pain and this works great. Our team examined this product and the experience of sleeping on the mattress was really a great one. So the price is really worth it.


  • Three firmness levels in one mattress which is very amazing.
  • The mattress has a temperature adaptation for cool sleep at night.
  • It’s safe with certification.
  • The mattress has a curved memory foam for targeted spinal support.
  • The flippable design allows you to choose the firmness that suits you the best.


  • A one-piece cover is not available for this mattress.
  • For overweight persons, the firmness is quite low.


Actually, there is no miracle mattress that will be adjust and suitable for every single person with back pain. The mattress that will help you sleep without pain. discomfort. This is undoubtedly the best mattress for you to choose. This mattress will gently support your whole body. It also hold your spine in a neutral position. It is good for side sleepers to reduce back pain.

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