Best Inversion Table for Sciatica

Sciatica is one type of nerve pain that is caused due to injury or irritation to the sciatic nerve. For getting relief from this pain the inversion table is being used. It helps a lot to recover from the pain.

Our team found out this inversion table for sciatica. This heavy-duty inversion table has a lot of features that set it apart from other inversion tables for sciatica. Mainly talking about its vertical massage pad that covers the whole spinal area. This is an awesome feature of this inversion table.

The inversion table helps you to get improved spinal health. It also increases your flexibility. The main purpose of using it is not to get back surgery. Some use it for short-term relief. Inversion therapy doesn’t provide long-term relief from back pain. There are some restrictions for some specific persons who can not use this inversion table because that might harm them.

Patients with glaucoma, hypertension, rental detachments, or circulation disorder are advised not to use the inversion tables. Because hanging partially or completely upside down increases blood flow to the head and eyes.

Using this inversion table you can relax and stress out your muscles. Doing this you may hear some ‘cracking’ sound which alleviates built-up pressure.

Specification of the Inversion Table

Our team came up with a lot of new features while using this inversion table. Most of the inversion table doesn’t provide you with the features this inversion table can provide you.

Some of the features are shown below with descriptions:

  • Multi-mode massage settings:

This is an awesome feature of the inversion table. Besides multi-mode massage settings, it also has an auto and manual selection for a complete massage experience.

  • Large backrest pad:

The backrest pad of many inversion tables is small but this has a large backrest pad which is very comfortable and easy for inversion. Due to having a large backrest pad, there is less risk of falling down from the table.

  • Protective cover for six angle pin system:

This inversion table provides you with a protective cover for the six-angle pin system which is very easy to adjust. You just have to position the pin in the desired angle and be sure that your inversion position will be safe, consistent, and comfortable all the time.

  • True Balance system:

The Balance system of inversion tables needs to be good enough to carry the weight of the person but if it fails then there is a possibility of getting hurt by falling. So the balance system needs to be checked before purchasing. This inversion table provides you with three different adjustment features. It helps for easy inversion.

  • Adjustable Headrest-pad:

The headrest pad is adjustable which is really an amazing feature. This is also an advantage for the customers because most of the inversion tables headrest pads are not adjustable. So this is an amazing offer for the customers.

  • Reversible ankle holding system:

For making the inversion experience more comfortable to all users the table has a reversible ankle holding system. This is quite an amazing feature that the product is providing the customers.

Detailed review of the product

Before ensuring that the product is good in quality, our team took some tests over the product. For a good quality of product, it must be tested to make sure if it is good or not.

The description of some of the tests are shown below:

  • Durability test:

Our team examined whether the inversion table has a good quality of steel or not. We also tested how much weight it can handle because it’s important to know. The steel and technology used in this are very good. It has the ability to weigh over 300lb which is really appreciating. Sometimes fat persons face problems and are scared of getting on the inversion table. Because they fear that the table might break down because of their weight.

  • True Balance Test:

The feature for true balance is attached to it. So we tested the feature to see if it works or not. The true balance system can balance the headrest pad, the foot, and the height to micromanage the centre of gravity.

  • Material Test:

We also tested whether the backrest pads and headrest pads are made of suitable foam or not. Because if the quality of the foam is not good after using it for some days the foams will lower down and the comfortable feelings will be gone. The quality of the foam in this inversion table is very good.

  • 360 degree rotating Test:

The most important thing for an inversion table is to check whether it turns fully 360 degrees or not. The test is successful and the inversion table rotates 360 degrees without any inconveniences.

  • Vibration Pad Test:

Pad vibrating is one of the important types for inversion tables and that is why we also tested its vibration pad. Surprisingly it’s good and very much comfortable to use.

Worth The Price Or Not

This Inversion table comes up with many features that our team has never examined before in any inversion table. The main goal of an inversion table is to reverse the compression of gravity on the spine. After doing a lot of tests we have seen that the inversion table is quite good at the backrest and for headrest and it fulfills its aim too. Normally these types of tables have ankle holders which can be adjusted to different positions and tilting you backward or forward. The inversion table is designed with good quality of materials. So the price is reasonable.


  • It has an advanced vertical massage pad that covers the whole spinal area.
  • Also provides multi mode heat massage settings.
  • The inversion table has an improved ergonomic ankle holding system.
  • Adjustable headrest-pads are also available.
  • Made up with soft foam and handle bars are covered with foam.
  • It has a true balance system for easy inversion.
  • Six angle pin slot system with protective cover.


  • The inversion table doesn’t have a stress bar.
  • It also doesn’t have straps for ankle relief.
  • No air lamber pads are available.


Inversion therapy takes gravitational pressure off the nerve roots and disks in the spine and increases the space between the vertebrae. Inversion tables help a lot with this type of problem. But the patients with hypertension, circulation disorder, or glaucoma should not use this inversion table. Except for those these are great for the people with spinal problems.

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