How to use a pill crusher

All of the patients cannot swallow pill easily. They might need a pill crusher to take a pill. Some of the medicine is not perfect for crush. There have a covering that should not breakdown.  Several types of pills are suitable for crush and when a person feels uncomfortable to take pill directly. Using a … Read more

Treatment for Dyspnea

1.. deep breathing 2.. pursed lip breathing exercises 3.. costal breathing 4.. diaphragmatic breathing 5.. ankle pumping 6.. shoulder mobilization anterior 7.. shoulder mobilization posterior 8.. shoulder flexion with both hand bending 9.. Spirometer exercise or Blowing up a balloon 10.. Active cycle of breathing technique Breathing Control Deep Breathing Exercises or Thoracic Expansion Exercises … Read more

How to exercise at home

How to exercise at home

You are very busy. to go to the gymnasium you have not any time. But you feel frustrated about your body fitness. You want to improve your fitness. At this time for you, I write this article, how to exercise at home. I hope it will be helpful for you. Happy reading….You do not need … Read more